Friday, April 23, 2010

I was wrong about Twitter

When I first started this blog one of my posts was about Twitter. I ragged on it to be honest and wrote that I couldn't think of a way that a library could use Twitter effectively.

I was wrong!

One of the things about me that I feel is a strength is to always try to keep an open mind about technology advances. I think it's always a good thing to keep an eye on things and reevaluate them over time. When I first saw twitter I saw it as a more superficial version of something like Facebook that limited itself to only texts of up to 140 characters. It seemed to me that it had limited potential for libraries.

As I said I was wrong. If I could have my way I would set up a Twitter account for the adult reference area of the library I work at. I would post tweets that look like this.

"Today is Earth Day. Come in and check out our display of Green books."

"Zeitoun is a fantastic non-fiction account of the days of hurricane Katrina. One of the best new non-fiction books in awhile. Check it out!"

and so on and so on...

I think the Teen area in particular could reach young people this way.

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