Friday, April 30, 2010

Web 2.0 at Libraries

The library I work at doesn't do much of anything with Web 2.0 stuff. It's sort of a shame because I would like to do so much more myself at the library I work at with social networking. It's one of the things I went to library school for. It's also a Catch 22 in my case because I'm looking for a full time library job. Almost every library at this point does Web 2.0 stuff and expects to see examples of your work. Unfortunately the management of my library is a little old fashioned and doesn't see the benefit of social networking.

Because of this I am planning on working on a document about how to use Web 2.0 technology in libraries. If nothing else I would like to do it for myself. I started an online CV and thought it would be a great piece to put up online. I think it would be pretty easy to show how to use Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr in a coordinated way to promote library services.

Then I'll go ahead and follow the protocols at my library. I'll submit my proposal to my department head. She'll decide to approve it, or not. If it is approved it will be sent to the correct committee. After several months it will come up for discussion, or not, depending on if there's any interest from management. My fingers are crossed...

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