Friday, October 23, 2009

Library Journal 2009 Placements & Salaries Survey

So now that I'm bitter I'm going to post twice in one day!

I participated in the annual Library Journal Placements & Salaries Survey.

Wow, the news is grim if you dig into the stats. Illinois seems to be one of the states that has been the hardest hit. Two library schools, a big city with a hiring freeze, and a bunch of librarians looking for jobs has made it really really tough.

According to the Library Journal there were 225 graduates who reported to the survey. 83 of these grads are "employed". This is about 37%. It doesn't break down if those employed are at full or part time. Given that it seems that at least half of the job postings are for part time jobs I think it's safe to assume that only about half of this 37% are for full time jobs. So around 18% have found full time jobs after a year. Wow... according to these stats that means without a doubt 63% of graduates have NO job at all after graduating and about 82% haven't found a full time job.

In a way this makes me feel a little better about not finding a full time job by this point but it also shows just how hard it's going to be.

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